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Free Access to Membership Site with Book Purchase

What does a site membership include?


The Quick Functional Exercises for Seniors

Deluxe Library with Videos

The online library provides access to images and videos of the exercises included in this book as well as dozens of other exercises that will help you move better and feel better. Zoom in on images to see them better or follow
along with the video demonstration so you can better see how it is done from start to finish. If you have found some of the exercises in this book to be a little too difficult or a little too easy, you will likely find others that better fit your needs and abilities on this site. Want more variety? You will find it here.


Expert Vault

Explore content crafted by a select group of hand-picked experts on topics such as balance, chronic disease, strength, power, longevity, brain health, and more. Get quick tips and pointers to help make your workout even better or dive deeper into a specific topic you are interested in.


Access to the Online Community on Facebook

Need support? Have a question? Want to be motivated and inspired? Have something to share? Our experts and community members are here for you with engaging content, inspiring memes, amazing real-life success stories, and great conversations.


Equipment and Product Reviews

Find out where to purchase all the equipment listed in this book plus explore many more exercise tools that could be helpful to you. Save time not having to search through Google or Amazon for the right products at the right price because we’ve done it all for you.

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